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The windows protect your house or building from outside dangers, and they can perform this function accurately only if they have no defects. It might seem that window inspection is easy, but there are many minor or major damages that you ignore while inspecting windows. Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC ensures not to neglect any issues while they check the windows of your place. Our company has provided thousands of satisfactory inspections to clients at affordable dues. Our years of experience allow us to please our clients with reliable window inspection services using the latest tools. Our inspectors are friendly to their customers and answer all their questions.

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How do we do window inspection?

The inspectors have information about all types of windows and their mechanisms that help them to give a thorough inspection. They use modern tools and fast-moving tricks to expose all the damage hidden in the windows. Our window inspectors run a deep visual check on all the windows present in your place and confirm they all function accurately. They follow this window inspection checklist:

  • Inspect window panes for signs of dampness and scrapes or cracks.
  • Review screens for tears, holes, and slashes.
  • Examine over casing, caulking, and seals for gaps or cracks.
  • Scan the window screen’s spline for indications of warping.
  • Ensure the locks of windows work accurately.

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We promise to look out for the demands of the clients and fulfill all their requirements. Our company provides quality roof, wall, ceiling, attic, window, foundation, interior home, termite, and many other inspection services. Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC  aims to provide reliable inspection services to clients that confirm they live in a safe property.

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