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Residential inspector McDonough

In today’s era, real estate is running in the fastest completive market, which makes it equally prominent and risky for damage and scams. You can reach out to the Quality Assurance Home Inspector for the best Residential inspector McDonough services. We are a reputable home inspection company with years of experience serving customers through our extraordinary services which have made them one of the most trusted and exemplary real estate businesses for McDonough’s properties.

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What do We do?

Our specialists at Quality Assurance Home Inspector define home inspection as an unbiased, professional visual inspection of the accessible parts of a home’s condition, its structural elements and its systems. Typically, the visual inspection includes accessible elements of the foundation, roof, exterior and interior walls, siding, porches and decks, attic, doors and windows, fireplaces, interior features, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical systems and plumbing systems.

Our Services

  • Consultation with a building engineer
  • Commercial HVAC system check-up: breakdown, repair, and maintenance cost projections
  • Evaluation of elevators
  • Commercial roofing and maintenance costs projection
  • Commercial food preparation equipment
  • Phase l site survey
  • Lead-paint testing
  • Asbestos testing

Our Offer

Quality Assurance Home Inspector offers McDonough residents a wide range of professional inspection and reporting services. With vast experience and knowledge of the local area, our qualified building inspectors will provide detailed and informative reports so that you can make an informed decision on the property and buy with confidence. Our well-skilled and qualified Residential inspector McDonough is all ready to help you get out of the chaos and provide you with an honest inspection service at affordable rates that can save you the biggest investment.

We provide detailed and accurate reports at reasonable rates that give our clients the peace of mind to know that their dream home was built to construction codes

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Experienced inspection service

All of our inspectors at Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC undergo an internal training program before they are allowed to perform Commercial inspections. This is why hundreds of reviews specially mention each of our inspectors by name. What else would you expect from one of Stockbridge’s top-rated inspection companies?

Our skilled workers are always trying to improve and apply the latest techniques and technologies to ensure inspection services are completed efficiently.