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Whether you’re buying, selling, or building your home, Quality Assurance Home Inspections offers comprehensive home inspection services that help you make an informed decision about your investment.  So, our Professional Home Inspector is experts in their field, performing a thorough visual and non-invasive inspection of the home from roof to foundation. Also, they identify safety issues and document the true condition of the home, even in areas you may not think to check.

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Quality Assurance Home Inspections is a full-service company covering all points of the property. By utilizing the tools and knowledge to give you the professional report you need to make an informed decision. Ultimately, a thorough home inspection by our Professional Home Inspectors depends heavily on experience and attention to detail. With us, you are getting a Certified & Fully Insured Professional Inspector who understands the commitment you are about to make. When you hire us to inspect your new home, we guarantee that we will take the same care as if it was our own home. 

Pre-Closing & Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Before closing on a new home, a Quality Assurance Home Inspections inspection sheds light on hundreds of important components. So, from the roof and furnace to plumbing and foundation, your professional inspector takes detailed notes on the condition of the property. 

Also, giving you the information you need to make the best home-buying decision and prepare for future maintenance.  Moreover, having an inspection performed by our Professional Home Inspectors before a home hits the market can help it sell faster and save you money. 

Pre-listing inspections also let you know which parts of a home need maintenance before they become deal breakers for potential buyers. A thorough our inspection report included in a home’s disclosure documents can improve bargaining power. Letting prospective buyers know you’ve done your homework.

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