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It’s important to make the right decision when buying a home. Give it a thought, it may become one of the biggest investments of your lifetime. Hiring an expert will get you the most precise and accurate report on insulation inspection before deciding on a home.


The absence of insulation results in uncomfortable room temperatures and could also be a reason for your high utility bills. As well as moisture problems like mold aggregation and condensation. At Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC, our quality infrared inspections allow us to identify places in your home where insulation might be absent, damaged, or improperly installed. These inspections are non-destructive and non-contact, which means we don’t have to make any holes in your walls to assess the insulation. That makes them pocket friendly and faster than traditional house inspections.

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Advantages of IR scans

One of the benefits of using thermal imaging cameras to evaluate your insulation is that:

They allow you to check all types of spaces, both unfinished and finished.


Whereas traditional inspections cover only what’s visible to the naked eye, they cannot assess insulation in fully finished rooms. At least not without creating holes or causing damage to your walls, Crawlspaces, attics, and other inaccessible areas

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Advantages of thermal inspection

Thermal scanning is the perfect way to inspect hardly accessible spaces like attics and crawl spaces. These areas of your home are important to check because they are the most vulnerable spaces for water damage, condensation, water damage, and mold all of which are due to moisture intrusion.


So don’t wait to get yours checked out,  call Quality Assurance Home Inspections, LLC for reliable and fast insulation inspection! Our thermography experts are fully certified and are also able to provide same-day service.