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Inspect your fireplace before winter comes to keep yourself cozy and warm. Fireplace/furnace inspection increases the heating efficiency of your furnace and avoids chimney fire. Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC offers fireplace/furnace inspection services. That ensures your fireplace works flawlessly in winters and warms up your home. Our skillful inspectors have years of experience in inspecting fireplaces. And their experience helps them to provide satisfactory inspection services to their clients. The professional inspectors come with the latest tools and use effective tricks for inspecting the furnace set in your house. We provide all our services at budget-friendly rates.

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Fireplace inspection services

The inspectors diagnose the fireplace and confirm it is not a safety or health hazard. Our professional team thoroughly inspects all parts of the fireplace to guarantee there are no defects and that the fireplace functions accurately. They follow this inspection checklist:

  • Check the furnace cap and confirm there are no missing caps or cracks.
  • Inspect the flashing to ensure it is not bent, warped, or loosened.
  • Review all the time tree branches
  • Look for gaps in mortar joints
  • They clean the flue and look for leftover ash

Our fireplace/furnace inspection services confirm the system works accurately without any fault.

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We have earned a reputation in this field by providing high-quality inspection services to our customers at affordable rates. Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC provides several inspection services to their customers:

the roof, wall, wind mitigation, 4-point, ceiling, floor, and other inspection services. Our inspectors are skillful enough to provide satisfactory inspection services and to answer all queries of their customers during the inspection. We provide detailed inspection reports to our customers that benefit them in several ways.

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