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Door inspection is the last thing anyone wants to worry about, but it is critical because the door is a source that maintains your privacy and keeps you safe from outside dangers. Leave this duty for Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC because they provide the most reliable door inspection services. Our inspectors are aware of the door mechanism and its critical components that help them to give a thorough door inspection. They use the latest equipment and techniques to inspect the doors of your building. The inspectors of our company are certified, expert and behave friendly with the clients.

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Door inspection services

The inspection team is punctual and arrives on time at your location. The inspection team is capable of inspecting all types and materials of doors. Our inspectors visually inspect the door and confirm it operates accurately. The inspection team inspects all parts of the door and exposes damaged ones. They follow this door inspection checklist:

  • Inspect door section for damages
  • check if the door is not crooked
  • if the door is, electric inspect the electric operator of the door
  • Inspect hinges for damage
  • Make sure the door operates smoothly
  • The movement of the door is free of obstruction
  • Inspect rollers for wear and tear

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Our company gives premium quality inspection services to their customers at reasonable dues. The inspectors of our company provide roof, wall, ceiling, door, windows, wind mitigation, heating system, and many other inspection services. Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC works hard to fulfill the requirements of their customers and please them with inspection services that confirm they live in a secure environment. Our company provides the clients with a detailed report of inspection that helps them in future.

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