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A property condition assessment aims to provide a potential buyer or owner with important information. Regarding the current condition of the building and its systems present by performing a walk-through survey of a property. Getting a Commercial inspection is important when it comes to saving money and making a huge investment. Whether you’re a property manager, leasing agent, building owner, lender, or tenant. Commercial inspection can provide a detailed, thorough and accurate evaluation of your building and help you in making the best possible decisions.


Call Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC to minimize the risk, and maximize your investment. With our vast skill set and comprehensive training, Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC commercial inspectors can help you identify the good and the bad in any commercial building.

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Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC has developed relationships with high-quality commercial contractors to allow us to provide more in-depth commercial inspections if a client desires it. Don’t see your requirements listed below? Contact us! We’re skilled to inspect any type of commercial property.

  • Consultation with a building engineer
  • Commercial HVAC system checkup: breakdown, repair, and maintenance cost projections
  • Evaluation of elevators
  • Commercial roofing and maintenance costs projection
  • Commercial food preparation equipment
  • Phase l site survey
  • Lead-paint testing
  • Asbestos testing

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All of our inspectors at Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC undergo an internal training program before they are allowed to perform Commercial inspections. This is why hundreds of reviews specially mention each of our inspectors by name. What else would you expect from one of Stockbridge’s top-rated inspection companies?

Our skilled workers are always trying to improve and apply the latest techniques and technologies to ensure inspection services are completed efficiently.