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Commercial Inspector Conyers

Hiring a commercial property inspector in Conyers is crucial when it comes to saving money and making a great investment. Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, leasing agent, lender or tenant, a commercial property inspection can provide a thorough and accurate assessment of your building and assist you in making the best possible decisions. Call Quality Assurance Home Inspector to maximize your investment, minimize risk and lock in the most lucrative package.  We have inspected many types of structures including, but not limited to, apartment complexes, office buildings, warehouses, retail centers, restaurants, schools and churches. All commercial inspections evaluate the major systems of the property as well as the visible structural components.

Upon completion of the inspection, a thorough, detailed property review is submitted to you in a timely manner, highlighting pictorially any crucial findings.  All concerns are documented in a comprehensive, well-documented summary and in the body of the report.

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Every building has unique components for its industry that need to be inspected. The inspection is specifically designed to meet the client’s needs. A written proposal is provided to validate the terms of the inspection after our Commercial Inspector Conyers complete the inspection. Our inspectors at Quality Assurance Home Inspector, thoroughly evaluate the building and its components making note of any necessary repairs. We recommend that the buyer, lessee, or a representative be present during the inspection so that we can point out concerns and answer any questions that may arise. After the inspection, we compile a professional detailed report.

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Commercial property inspections by Quality Assurance Home Inspector are typically much more complex than residential inspections and require a professional with a greater/more in-depth background than a typically experienced residential home inspector. Commercial Inspector Conyers perform licensed structural inspection services with the expertise of years of experience. Written reports are typically custom as each commercial building inspection does not fit the profile of a standardized residential check list report.  Commercial buildings can vary in size, shape, materials of construction, and class which require more than a typical residential check list type report format.

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All of our inspectors at Quality Assurance Home Inspector undergo an internal training program before they are allowed to perform commercial inspections.

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Experienced inspection service

All of our inspectors at Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC undergo an internal training program before they are allowed to perform Commercial inspections. This is why hundreds of reviews specially mention each of our inspectors by name. What else would you expect from one of Stockbridge’s top-rated inspection companies?

Our skilled workers are always trying to improve and apply the latest techniques and technologies to ensure inspection services are completed efficiently.