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An attic inspection requires a good, hard look at aspects under the roof, including the home’s insulation, ventilation, and structure. It’s needed to detect any problems before they grow into something bigger. An attic inspection provides the homeowner with essential information needed to fight high utility bills, mold aggregation, moisture, and low air quality. In addition, an attic inspection can tell facts about the home’s history. Sooty or black wood, or even painted rafters, could be an indication of a previous fire in the home. Wood shavings and tunnels could point to an issue with insects that can cause damage to woods. Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC – is a certified home inspection company that commits to providing the best Attic inspection in Stockbridge, GA

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What is done in attic inspection?

Our inspectors at Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC inspect these main items that should be assessed during an attic inspection:

  • Your attic shouldn’t be drafty, and insulation should be complete and plentiful.
  • Symptoms of poor ventilation include rusted nails, mold, and condensation.
  • Water stains and rot.
  • Exhaust ducts and vent stacks. All exhaust vent stacks and ducts should continue through the roof to the outside.
  • Look for nests, leaves, droppings, corns, and damage to insulation.

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All of our inspection reports at Quality Assurance Home Inspections LLC are authentic and stand up to critical examination. We have built our reputation as a top-quality Attic inspection provider in Stockbridge, GA to ensure you get the exceptional service you expect from us. If there are any repairs needed, we will suggest to you professional and reliable companies. We take good care of our customers and provide them with quality service. You can call us anytime for an inspection.